What we do?

Radar-Soft, LLC is an innovative company producing OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) and Visual Analysis solutions and controls for developers of BI (Business Intelligence) and Data Analysis applications. From the very beginning we have been working to provide you with powerful and simple decisions you can embed into your applications.

What does it mean for you? It means you can take one of our components and give your Windows Forms or Web application the ability of analytical data processing! Imagine that your users can analyze your data in real time with an OLAP browser; they can get professionally looking analytical reports; they can work with graphical representation of your data and benefit from Visual Analysis technology; they can get any slice of your data and use it for ad-hoc analysis; they can see the hot spots and immediately drill down to the details to find out the problems, and so on. They can answer a lot of questions themselves, just give them an instrument! And all that without a single line of your code!

That is the main point. Why waste your time when we can give you such an instrument in a form of a visual component? Then you can embed it into your application and concentrate on the rest of your logic.

Currently we can offer you OLAP and Visual Analysis controls for VCL, NET Windows Forms, ASP.NET and Silverlight platforms. Also, for those who are looking not just for a component for their application, but for a full-featured BI-solution, we're glad to offer our new product - RadarBI. It contains RadarBI Designer - the tool for creating and saving interactive reports, and RadarBI Viewer - the free tool for viewing and interacting with the reports previously created by RadarBI Designer. RadarBI Viewer includes both a stand-alone Windows application and an ASP.NET control that allows you to integrate the viewer into any ASP.NET site, and view your reports with an in-built Silverlight-browser.