Radar-Soft is a progressive innovative company that produces .NET components for BI applications.

Our products are represented on the world market for more than 10 years and during this time have earned a good reputation and popularity.

The products are distributed in the form of distributives through the e-commerce service of our site. After installing a distributive a developer gets DLL files which he can use in applications.

The rights to use libraries are limited by a type of a purchased license. In total there are three types of the licenses: DEVELOPER, SITE and ENTERPRISE. More information about each license can be found here

Terms of partnership

  • A registered user who is assigned the reseller status is considered to be a partner.
  • The reseller status is assigned after consideration of the request or by writing to the e-mail
  • After assigning the reseller status to a user, he can buy and renew the licenses for all products with an additional 30% discount.
  • A reseller must first buy/renew a license on our site and then sell it to the end user in a convenient way. The conditions for discounts for the end user should be taken into account
  • If desired, a license can be assigned to any user registered on our site.

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